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Actress and Podcaster

Emma Petersen


Story time: When I was 15 years old, my mom forced me to go to a performing arts camp because she didn't like the people that I was hanging out with. typical mom fashion, she was right. That camp changed my life and I have been a performer ever since. (Thanks, mom!)

Originally from New Jersey, I moved to Los Angeles to get my BFA in Acting. Since then, I have booked commercials, short films, and have started my own podcast about the business of acting called "The Everyday Actor." From that, I started a podcast producing company, "The Podiverse."

When I'm not working on my career, you can find me cuddled up with my puppy and my kitten, drinking a glass of wine, and screaming at the TV while watching The Bachelorette (the guiltiest of my pleasures.)

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See me in "ACTION!"

Alien Short Film

Horror Short

Cover of "Stars and the Moon"




Interested in what it takes to make it in this crazy world we call Hollywood?

Check out my podcast "The Everyday Actor," where I interview fellow working actors and other industry professionals about what it takes to

"make it." 

Looking to make your own podcast?

Making a podcast can be a very rewarding but daunting task. Sometimes you just need some help telling and sharing your story. That's why I have started my own podcast production company, "The Podiverse." For more information, click the button below!


Do You Love History?

Check out my newest podcast, "Mystery or History" that I host and produce in association with Multihouse Entertainment. Join us as we explore missing pieces from history. What throughout history have we missed?

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